Beer 101: What is Craft Beer?

At one time, mostly in the nineties, beer that was brewed by small brewers was referred to as microbrew. This term was a perfect reference to a homebrew beer because it was made by breweries who produced a small amount of beer on a yearly basis. Over time, however, the term microbrew drifted away. What was it replaced with? Craft beer. Why this name? Well, it seemed to fit just as well because it was referring to beer that was “crafted” in a small brewery rather than “manufactured” in a big one.

So, how did the term actually come about, though? Mainly, it’s a legal term. A beer can be considered a craft beer if it is produced by a brewer that produces only so many barrels of beer each year. Additionally, when producing a certain amount of barrels, this allows the brewer to fall within a certain tax bracket; this is where the legal stuff falls into play.

Since there is no exact definition for craft beer, a simpler way to understand its meaning is by looking at four reasons to drink the beer. That’s right. Next time you order a beer, keep in mind the following reasons to order a craft beer.

Reason 1. Health Benefits
Craft beer is well-known for its health benefits. In fact, there are many studies concluding this type of beer has more health advantages than red wine; this is because the beer has more nutrients in it than red wine does.

Reason 2. Fewer Calories
Are you trying to maintain your weight level? Are you trying to rid yourself of a beer belly? If so, craft beer is for you . While a craft beer does have more calories than a traditional beer, because of its high alcohol content, you will consume fewer. For example, if you drink eight bud lights at 110 calories a beer, that’s 880 calories total. When drinking craft beer, to achieve the same effect, you will only have to drink two to three beers. At 200 calories a beer, the total amount of calories consumed will be somewhere between 400 to 600.

Reason 3. Costs Less Money
Most traditional beers will cost anywhere from three to five dollars when ordering them at a bar or restaurant. If you drink five beers in a night, this can cost you anywhere from 15 to 25 dollars. Compare this to craft beer that costs only about two dollars a beer, and you can see where the savings fall into place. Furthermore, you won’t have to drink as many because the alcohol content is higher in craft beer. It would be completely unsurprising if you went out and had three craft beers for less than ten dollars total including the tip.

Reason 4. Higher Alcohol Content
You’ve probably noticed the tid-bits of information that keep relating to craft beer having higher alcohol content. So, just how much more alcohol do craft beers have? Well, an average beer has about 2.5 percent. Craft beers on the other hand range from five percent up to 40 percent alcohol. That’s a lot! If you are looking for a beer that will give you a nice buzz, you definitely need to drink a craft beer.


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